Totes bags

Handmade Leather Tote Bags

Our Handmade Leather Tote Bags are made entirely by hand by the best leather artisans. They are durable, comfortable, and elegant. Steel horse leather bags are made with genuine leather of excellent quality, obtained from the best and most reliable leather suppliers on the market. Our Handmade Leather Tote Bags come with a large main compartment, with a large storage capacity. It is the perfect companion for easy and safe transportation of laptops, books, and other everyday items. They are a perfect grab and go solution.

Genuine Leather Tote Handbags

Ergonomically designed straps distribute the weight evenly, giving the user comfort while carrying. Our products are treated with a special wax, which is highly resistant to water and other liquids. It protects the fibres of the leather better than other substances used in common leather goods. Keep in mind that since these bags are made of a natural material, each bag has a slightly different colour, which makes each product look unique. You are guaranteed to love our Genuine Leather Tote Handbags.